The mouthwatering snack to crack the craving of hunger

What keeps the humans strong and healthy? It is absolutely food. Without food nothing is possible. But humans love to eat food based on taste and lusciousness of food. The exquisite food is loved by all. When it comes to crunches in evening, we all go crazy for healthy oatmeal raisin cookies which top the list of crunchy snacks. It is one of the best snacks to low the appetite.

What is cookie?

Before tasting something which is delightful, individuals must be aware of what it is or some ideas about the food. Cookies have been our part of life since early days. These are baked flours with combinations of nuts, oats, raisins, chocolate chips. The first cookie was baked well in 7th century A.D in Persia. The cookie can be baked in any shape based on the baker’s idea.

Scrumptious snack

This healthy oatmeal raisin cookie serves as better snack when served with milk, tea or any hot drinks. They are easy to bake and even they are available in many shops at affordable prices to have a great snack. It is very delicious in taste and has got good amount of sugar to melt in mouth.

Health benefits

These cookies give variety of health benefits. The major ingredients in cookies are


They are simply dried grapes which have got potassium, iron and vitamin B. Each of this nutrient content is available in each and every raisin which is baked with cookies. It provides perfect taste and flavor for cookie.


This is one of the ingredient which saves heart from fat content. This oats have high fiber content and variety of nutrients including Vitamin B1 and B5. They are best anti-oxidants. They lower the cholesterol levels in body and maintain a good and healthy physique.

Along with these any flour can be added to get crispy and healthy cookies within 10 minutes of time. They are simple to bake and serve on any occasions. Since they are being home baked they smell so good and turn on the taste buds of people. By consuming these cookies, no cholesterol level increases or no fat issues. Simply people can enjoy their evening snack never to worry about diabetes or fat content.

Center of cookies

Some of the cookies are prepared with coconut crunches in the center. Even some people like chocolate flavor inside cookies. They can be easily done without spending more cost and time. It is one of the best simple recipes for mom’s to bake at evenings. The cookies can be consumed with simple outlook or they can be decorated with some

  • Frosted cream
  • Chocolate chunks
  • Shredded coconut
  • Nuts
  • Sparkling sugar

These are just some of the topping options which can be used to create better tasty cookies than usual ones.

The cookies are designed in such a way to reduce hunger and promote wealthy health in many ways. The cookie is healthy as it can be even given to kids as healthy evening snack.