Some ideas for modern moms to help with evening snacks

As the day turns down bringing lot of moms to tired schedule, kids also return from their schools with empty stomachs. They cling with their moms for suppressing their hunger within few minutes. Snack being the important part of such hunger cravings it has to be served with equal importance with the combinations of nutrients and vitamins.

Cookie magic

One simple recipe for such kind of evening snacks is cookie. These cookies are made up of flour and other ingredients to make the little tummies full. Most of the kids like healthy raisin oatmeal cookies which are very easy to prepare and can completely fill the hunger of your kids.

  • plain cookies
  • chocolate chip cookies
  • raisin oatmeal cookies
  • coconut cookies
  • salt and butter cookies

And many more cookies are available in today’s market. People can either buy them in packets or bake them in their homes without any efforts. The making and baking of cookies are so simple and they give exotic flavors for taste buds. The world-wide serving suggestion of these cookies is hot or cold milk or any of the hot beverages.

Why cookies?

Many parents consider that they may increase the weight of kids which may make them fluffy and fat. Nothing such things happen when you are baking your own cookie in homes or preferring some of the good cookie brand in market with low butter levels. The preparation of cookie is as simple as baker can apply little butter or oil in pan and place them inside oven and bake it within just 15 to 30 minutes of time. The cookies consist of high fiber content which helps kids for better digestion and strengthens the immune levels. They have good calorie levels and make the kids ready to do their homework’s or give them necessary stamina for playing in evenings.

Apart from these yummy mouthwatering cookies there are some ideas for moms which can help them to take healthy care of their children in better way.

Saucy salads

These salads satisfy the hunger of anybody as they have good amounts of nutrition and minerals in it. A salad can be simply prepared with vegetables or fruits in it. Even two vegetables can combine to get a wonderful salad without any delays. The combination of zesty lemon juice can make the flavors more interesting while chewing them.


Going natural is better than anything. Moms can try roasting or boiling the pulses which are available in market. The pulses serve as super idea which needs no supervision for cooking. Simply set the time and allow it to cook in any one of your microwave ovens or induction stoves. They have good amount of minerals and vitamins which helps in growth of kids.

These are just simple ideas to reduce the burden of preparing snacks at evenings on your tired days. People can prepare some number of cookies and store it in beautiful glass jars and serve them for alternative days just to lessen the work of baking. Never get bored to explore such new simple snacks at evenings.